Tuesday Treat

White Negroni Twist (Serves 1)

I recently discovered this cocktail whilst eating at my local Italian, Maremma (review here!). I’m not normally keen on the bitterness of a Negroni but this White Negroni Twist has sweeter, subtler flavours. Apart from gin, it is made from Quaglia Liquore Chinotto which has a spicy sweet, sour flavour and Cocchi Americano which is an Italian aromatised wine (both can be bought at amazon.co.uk). It’s worth splashing out on these ingredients for a truly sophisticated cocktail!…

2 tablespoons gin

2 tablespoons Quaglia Liquore Chinotto

1½ tablespoons  Cocchi Americano

A twist of orange (optional)

  1. Fill a glass with ice and pour over the ingredients, stir well, and top with a twist of orange peel to serve – how simple is that?!

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