Tips @Uni

Keeping Costs Down!

Buying Meat:

Check out your local butcher, even though some supermarkets seem to be cheaper, you often have to buy in packs whereas by buying from a butcher, you can buy exactly what you want in a smaller quantity. If you do buy meat in a pack from your supermarket, immediately freeze the cuts you don’t need, individually, to use in the future.

Buying Fruit & Veg:

If you have a local market, check out their prices, you will probably find that they are cheaper than the supermarkets and it is possible to buy individual carrots, potatoes etc, instead of buying in packs which are too big for one person and will go off if not used. Plus it’s a great feeling shopping in a market atmosphere and much more rewarding to support the local community!


Freezing portions of sauces for pasta: Buy a quantity of heat proof bags – I use roasting bags (see here on amazon) and bag clips or ties. Place individual portions of cooked sauces into the bags, seal the bag tightly with the clip/tie and freeze. As and when you need them, remove from the freezer, place the bag in boiling water, boil for about 10 -12 minutes to defrost and reheat (this is why it is important that the bag is heatproof!). Make sure that the sauce is piping hot then add it to cooked pasta. You can also defrost the bags naturally in the fridge overnight.

Freezing portions of Fish and Meat: Invest in some freezer bags. If you have spare portions of meat or fish, freeze them straightaway in a bag. Defrost naturally in the fridge.


Some of my recipes will require spices and ingredients such as capers. Initially they will seem an expensive buy, as you will only use a little from the jar, however the jars will keep for a long time in your cupboard or fridge. Therefore you will reuse them often, either for the same recipe or another – I will be ensuring that I post recipes which use certain ingredients more than once.

Wine to Cook with:

This may seem extravagant, but often a little wine in a sauce will make all the difference. Buy the small 18.7cl bottles which normally cost around £1.75 to £2, this will be enough for one recipe – and  a perhaps a small glass for you to enjoy with your meal!

*Look out for my individual ‘Tips’ after recipes, often I will suggest ways of using an ingredient that you will have leftover.