Coffee and Cardamom ‘No Churn’ Ice-Cream

Condensed Milk Ice-Cream has become very popular in recent years, and it is no surprise considering how very easy it is to make – no need for an ice-cream machine! I first came across ice-cream made with condensed milk some years ago, in a cookbook by Nigella Lawson, I have since tried many different versions and this recipe with coffee and cardamom is one of my favourites. It is great served alone or as an ‘affogato‘ (with a shot of espresso poured over it – as pictured above)

2 tablespoons instant espresso

10 green cardamom pods

300ml double cream

175g condensed milk

  1. Remove the seeds from the cardamom pods and grind with a pestle and mortar.
  2. Mix the instant espresso and the ground cardamom seeds with 2 tablespoons of boiling water, leave to cool.
  3. Beat the cream and condensed milk together using electric beaters until the mixture is quite thick, then stir in the spiced coffee.
  4. Place in a container, cover with a piece of greaseproof paper (this stops ice crystals forming) and a lid, then freeze.
  5. To serve, remove from the freezer about 5-10 minutes before serving so that it softens.

Strawberry ‘No Churn’ Ice-Cream

Another ice-cream recipe using condensed milk, so once again super easy – no ice-cream maker needed. By roasting the strawberries the flavour becomes more intense; I have tried making it without roasting the strawberries and believe me it definitely makes a difference, so it is worth the effort!

1kg strawberries, hulled and sliced (plus extra to serve – optional)

1 tablespoon white sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 can (397g) condensed milk

500ml double cream

  1. Put the strawberries on a baking try lined with greaseproof paper. Sprinkle over the sugar and toss to combine, spreading them out in one layer. Place in a preheated oven, 160’c. Roast for 45 minutes, then stir and cook for a further 15 minutes.
  2. Remove from the oven and place the strawberries in a processor to blend until smooth. Leave to cool completely.
  3. Add the condensed milk and vanilla extract to the cooled strawberry mixture, beat with a handheld electric beater to aerate for about a minute.
  4. Place the cream in another bowl and beat into stiff peaks.
  5. Add a dollop of cream to the strawberry mixture, fold through and continue to gently add the remaining cream to combine.
  6. Tip the strawberry mixture into a container (with a lid). To stop ice crystals forming, cover the mixture with a sheet of greaseproof paper before putting the lid on.
  7. Freeze.
  8. Remove from the freezer 5-10 minutes before serving to soften.

Lemon Posset with Raspberries (Serves 4-6)

There are lots of slightly different variations of this simple, summer dessert; over the years I have tried a few and this is my favourite…

600ml double cream

150g caster sugar

Finely grated zest of 2 lemons

4 tablespoons of lemon juice (from above lemons)

Raspberries to serve

  1. Combine the cream, sugar and lemon zest in a small pan over a low heat. Stir constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved, when bubbles start to appear around the edges of the mixture continue to cook without stirring for 2 minutes – Do Not let the mixture come to a rolling boil!
  2. Remove the pan from the heat, stir in the lemon juice, then strain through a sieve into a jug.
  3. Pour into small dishes or glasses to serve. This is a rich dessert, so I would keep the portions on the small side.
  4. Cover each dish with cling film and refrigerate for at least two hours until set.
  5. Serve with raspberries.

Strawberry Eton Mess (Serves 4)

There are numerous recipes for Eton Mess, and I must admit to trying my fair share of them over the years!… I think this one has the perfect balance of ingredients. In my opinion, life is too short to be making meringue to be broken up for an Eton Mess, so for this recipe I recommend you use shop bought meringue; I particularly like the meringue nests by Waitrose, which are slightly chewy in the middle. It is important to assemble this dessert at the last minute as otherwise the meringue will go soggy in the cream. (I do have a fantastic recipe for meringue which I use for Pavlova, I will be sharing that recipe in the future on Menu Mistress!…)

450g strawberries, hulled

1 rounded tablespoon icing sugar

300ml double cream

4 meringue nests (see note above)

  1. Place half the strawberries in a blender with the icing sugar and whizz until puréed.
  2. Pass the purée through a sieve to remove the seeds.
  3. Whip up the cream until it is just floppy – not too stiff.
  4. Chop up the remaining strawberries and break up the meringues into roughly 1inch pieces.
  5. To assemble (see note above): in a bowl, gently mix the meringues and strawberries (reserve a few for decoration) into the cream and gently fold in about 2 tablespoons of the purée.
  6. Spoon the mixture into individual bowls, top with the reserved strawberries and pour over more of the purée.
  7. Serve straightaway!


The simplest of desserts – the perfect pick-me-up!

I am sure you all know the recipe for an affogato, but I think we often overlook its simplicity, and forget to make it (or rather I do!), so I thought I’d remind us all with the recipe. The word ‘affogato’ in Italian literally means ‘drowned’ and that is exactly what this recipe is – ice cream drowned in a shot of espresso coffee…

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

1 shot of espresso coffee (hot!!)

  1. Place the scoop of ice cream in a small bowl or cup and pour over the hot shot of espresso coffee.
  2. That’s it!….The perfect pick me up!