Week Seven Recipes

Like many of you, this year my summer holiday plans have been scuppered due to the ‘pandemic’. Normally we spend our summer break in Italy, last week reality struck (not for the first time), and I started to yearn for the Italian sun and particularly the food. Over the years, we have been fortunate in… Continue reading Week Seven Recipes

Week Six Recipes

This week’s first menu was tried and tested, successfully, at my recent ‘virtual’ dinner party. My sister lives further afield so it has not been possible to meet up in the flesh, instead we have been using Zoom, for chats and a couple of family quizzes.  I thought it was time to spice up our… Continue reading Week Six Recipes

Week Five Recipes

I had an adventure outside of London this week or rather a trek…we had to go up to York for the day to clear out Felix’s room at university. Normally when we visit York, we use it as an excuse to have a ‘mini’ weekend break. Those of you who know York will understand why… Continue reading Week Five Recipes

Week Four Recipes

Zoom calls definitely became the new ‘norm’ during lockdown and for many of us, a means of keeping sane, allowing us to see friends and family outside of our ‘bubble’. Over the recent weeks I have continued to use my Zoom account for chats, quizzes, exercise classes, Italian and French classes, and this week for… Continue reading Week Four Recipes

Week Three Recipes

I had a night out at the theatre this week, or rather a ‘night out at home’ with lockdown theatre. I was fortunate to get some tickets for the Old Vic’s live,  performance of ‘Lungs’ starring Claire Foy and Matt Smith who were acting at social distance(?!). 24 hours before the production began, we were… Continue reading Week Three Recipes

Week Two Recipes

This week has once again flown by, speaking with friends it seems that this is a significant side effect of ‘lockdown’, a phenomenon that has taken us all by surprise; why does time fly by when we are staying at home, rather than living our normal, out and about, busy lives?!… My decision to start… Continue reading Week Two Recipes

Week One Recipes

Cooking has always been something I have enjoyed, I own over 150 cookbooks, some are well thumbed whilst others collect dust on the shelves, I can’t bear to get rid of any cookbook, just in case one day I might use it for that one obscure recipe; a ray of light on a rainy day!… Continue reading Week One Recipes